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Parenthood is an Adventure. Discover the Stages and Guide Families to Thrive.

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Birth, Health, Mental Health, Coaches and Parenting Professionals:

Be the Change.

Prepare and guide families to thrive!

❤️  In your professional role, do you help parents prepare for or adjust to parenthood? How? Is this something you'd like to do, but don't know where to start? What to include? Or where to finish?

❤️ Do you ever wish there was something or someone to guide you to guide parents towards creating the family they want for themselves? What would it be like to know you're setting families up to THRIVE? What would this mean for your work? Your own family? You as a person? 

❤️ Would you like easy ways to resource mothers, fathers and partners so they can find support, support each other and grow even closer through the parenthood journey, instead of just getting through it (or far worse, what happens for too many couples – eventually falling apart)?

Brace yourself.

Because the truth is, while most couples expect to be happier when they become parents, our current culture of parenthood is letting them down. Currently 1 in 3 WOMEN and 1 in 5 MEN suffer from some degree of anxiety or depression during the perinatal period. Added to that, 92% of parents report increased conflict and 67% decreased relationship satisfaction in their first few years of family.

And yet, it DOES NOT have to be like this! 

Because THERE IS A BETTER WAY to do parenthood.

Find what you need to prepare and support parents to create the happy, healthy and thriving family they dream about.

GET the inspiration, resources and support to work more holistically, with evidence-based information and easy-to-use tools. Even if you work mainly with mothers, husbands/partners (and baby!) will benefit too.

GIVE your clients guidance to support them to cope with the changes and challenges of parenthood, be stronger together as a couple and build a solid foundation for their whole family. 

GAIN the confidence to facilitate this work in your own way with individual clients or couples and be ahead of the curve in your profession.

Welcome to Becoming Us:
an award-winning guide to parenthood

AND now a comprehensive professional training to bring the tools to life.

The groundbreaking Becoming Us approach to parenthood breaks down the life-changing period of pregnancy and the first few years of family into 8 manageable stages. Each stage supports important aspects of mothers', fathers' and partners' mental, emotional and relationship wellbeing, so whole families can thrive.

"This is a gigantic missing piece of the puzzle. Becoming Us is a game-changer for parents and professionals. "

Sally Placksin, Author of Mothering the New Mother, NYC.




Help parents to find their feet, and find their way.


"I originally signed up for the training because I know expectant parents are hungry for information that goes beyond "getting the baby out" and I found the training incredibly valuable for this. Now that I'm running the Becoming Us classes for parents I get to see even more how my knowledge is making a difference.  I ran into one momma recently, a few months after they'd done my class. When I asked how she and her husband were doing she teared up and said "Really, really have no idea how much you changed our lives!" I love doing this work!"

Barb Buckner Suarez, Childbirth Educator, Portland, Oregon

Through this unique training:

You will have a better understanding of mental health issues and relationship problems that are unique to parenthood, know how to reduce the risks for couples and support both parents to cope 

You'll have tools to prepare parents for way beyond the birth - to effectively manage the normal changes and challenges of parenthood - in ways that make them stronger together than ever

You'll be supported to support parents for even the most challenging of situations like birth trauma, grief and loss and domestic abuse. 

You'll know ways to support wider relationships with parents' family, friends and community - to maximize their family's ability to thrive

You can have the satisfaction of knowing that even if you’re only working with one parent, you’re doing it in ways that is supporting each and every member of their family.  


YOU CAN have a clear trail map for your important and sometimes challenging work with parents. One that helps YOU help THEM to steer around the risks, over the bumps and towards growing the family of their dreams. You can be a Parenthood Tour Guide!

All this is here for you. 

Your work matters. It's important.

You can make a difference!

The Journey to Becoming Us:

Hi, I'm Elly Taylor, founder of Becoming Us. Around 20 years ago as a Relationship Counselor and a new mother at the same time, I was discovering that while people say the first year of marriage is hard, what they don't tell you is that the first year of parenthood is even harder.

I was counselling couple after couple who were struggling with the same issues as my husband and I: so in love before our baby’s birth and so in love with our baby afterwards...and all the time wondering what was going wrong: Why the heck weren’t we more in love with each other too?!

So I began to research.

I was shocked to discover the high rates of anxiety and depression during the perinatal period and the effects of these on a couples' relationship. Families are falling apart - sometimes even at the starting gate. And if they don't, parents personal and relationship challenges can rob them of the opportunity to be the parents they want to be for their children. 

As a mother I couldn't help thinking: How can we expect parents to do a great job of raising their kids, when nobody is holding US up as PARENTS? And as a counselor I was thinking: And how can we expect professionals to support parents if nobody is resourcing US to do it?

So this has become my passion and my mission.

Because here's what I know, both personally and professionally: parenthood is a turning point. We can support parents to turn to each other. We can give them the knowledge and skills to face the normal and common changes of parenthood head on, hand-in-hand. 

Couples can grow closer through the challenges, instead of growing apart. Become a true team. Their new, stronger, deeper version of us. 

The very best foundation for a family!

"For over 15 years as a Childbirth and Parenting Educator I have heard couples share their challenges. Changes to their relationship are the biggest, and yet the most helpful in navigating all the others: if the couple is working well together everything else can get sorted.

Until now, I haven't had the knowledge of a way to help couples through this. Evidence-based, thought provoking and most importantly practical, this training has given my work so much more depth and power to make a difference for new families."

Tracey Anderson Askew, Founder, Calmbirth Canberra, Australia.

How can I use Becoming Us in my role?

Based on over 15 years of research and clinical experience, the Becoming Us™ whole family approach to parenthood details the stages mothers, fathers and partners go through, the major challenges in each stage and the steps to avoid, overcome or manage them. 

Professionals can use the Becoming Us approach:

  • As a prevention during pre-conception or pregnancy to prepare couples for all stages of their adventure
  • As an early intervention to support parents during their first few years of family
  • To guide parents of older children to make sense of the journey so far and have steps and strategies to continue moving forward together
  • With parents expecting a second or subsequent baby to repair their relationship and create opportunities for "do overs"

Becoming Us can be used with individuals, couples and groups of parents - and in all types of families (biological, step families, adopting etc.). 

Becoming Us is especially useful for couples who are expecting their first baby. According to research, parents who are prepared with the right information for parenthood:

  • Have a better birth experience, including reduced risk for a traumatic birth
  • Adjust more quickly in the postpartum period
  • Are less likely to suffer from Perinatal Mental Health issues like anxiety or depression
  • Have higher self-esteem and more confidence as a parent
  • Are happier with their partner and more able to create a loving, supportive co-parenting relationship

We believe all families deserve this beginning!

"This training has given me such a fresh perspective, renewed energy and enthusiasm. I now have a deeper, richer knowledge of what the adjustment to parenthood truly is, what my role can be and offer genuine and helpful support to the parents I work with."

Ariadne Brill, Parent Educator and Coach, Switzerland

Is the Becoming Us whole family approach for me?

Becoming Us empowers helping professionals who work with expecting, new  (and not so new) parents, including:

Birth Professionals: Childbirth Educators, Midwives, Birth or Postpartum Doulas or OB/GYNs.

Therapy and Mental Health Professionals: Social Workers, LMFTs, Psychologists, Psychotherapists or Counsellors.

Educational Professionals: Lactation Consultants, Sleep Consultants, Pre-School Teachers, Life or Relationship Coaches.

Health or Natural Therapies Professionals: Pediatricians, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Yoga Teachers or Massage Therapists.

Community Professionals:  Support Group Facilitators, Church Leaders or Carers.

"I'm really enjoying the clarity of this course. It's given me the steps needed for smooth navigation through the monumental shifts and resetting that's thrown upon parents. 

There's nothing more important to me than a loving foundation for children. The training helps me share important perspectives for growing families and how to move through challenges into a beautiful life."

Brett Darnesh, Parenting and Relationship Coach,
Coffs Harbour, Australia

What are the benefits of my training?

Discover the transformational Becoming Us™ approach and be a pioneer at the forefront of working in a whole-family way with parents. Becoming Us is compatible with any childbirth preparation or parenting program (and endorsed by many of them!).

Get the knowledge, skills and resources to fill a black hole that currently exists in most couple's prenatal preparation and postpartum support. Parents need professionals to bridge this gap for them!

Find inspiration and ideas to expand your services with our targeted interventions.

Be more confident in supporting fathers, same-sex partners and couples through the ‘before’ and ‘after’ of becoming parents, offering comprehensive, holistic support for the you care for.

Be in a position to help reduce risks for perinatal anxiety, depression, birth trauma and relationship breakdown. That's huge!

Learn from other birth, health, therapy and parenthood colleagues and connect with other professionals in your neighborhood to explore collaborative or cross-referral opportunities.

Discover landmark studies and keep abreast of current research so you know exactly how you are making a difference!

Here's what you'll discover: 

Level I: Tilling the Soil and Planting the Seeds


What does the 'transition into parenthood' actually mean for couples? Why do some parents find it more challenging than others? Is there a way to prepare expecting parents so it's easier and more enjoyable for all of them? You'll discover the answers to these questions and more.

In Level I you'll become a Professional Seed Planter. You'll know which seeds to plant that support your clients and have practical resources you can use from day one.

Level II: 8 Stages of the Parenthood Adventure


Parenthood is an adventure into the unknown, but what if there was a clear path, bridges over the rivers and a best way through the mountains? There is.

In Level II you'll discover how to integrate the stages and steps of "Becoming Us" into your work with expecting, new or not-so-new parents. You'll become a Parenthood Tour Guide!

Level III: Support for the Hard Stuff

There are times when parenthood is more like a survival mission than a walk in the park. What are the biggest challenges for parents? How common are they? 

Can you prepare or support couples who are at risk or affected (even years afterwards) by Birth Trauma, Perinatal Mental Health conditions or major relationship issues? And can these issues actually bring couples closer?  The answer is yes. In Level III you'll know how to support couples through difficult times: you'll become a Village Elder.

Support them to
grow even closer
through the journey.


"At first my work was greatly focused on mom, but now I'm able to work with both parents. After many solo sessions with one of my clients, her husband joined her. She was worried he wouldn't want to participate, but I was able to answer his questions and provide support to both of them. He really appreciated it. We actually ran out of time, so they made another appointment!"

Enjonae Anderson, Licensed Professional Counselor, 
High Point, North Carolina

What do I get when I enroll?

You'll get never-ending access to the entire Becoming Us Professional Development training, including:

  • Webinar sessions delivered weekly to your inbox. Each session is an hour to a hour and a half of videos, short reading and reflection questions. Watch weekly, take a break or binge watch, it's up to you. 
  • Handouts and resources to use immediately with your clients.
  • Live Q&A and discussion video conferencing calls so you can get to know your local and international colleagues.
  • Access to our private online group so you can network and collaborate.
  • Continuing Professional Development Points upon course completion.

"One of THE most empowering experiences I've had in my many years of continuing education and professional development."

Erika Stroh, Parenting Coach, Long Island, NY.

And that's not all! After course completion you'll have the additional option to apply for Certification to:

  • Facilitate our groundbreaking Becoming Us Before Baby and/or Becoming Us After Baby Programs with couples in your community.
  • Pilot our new Becoming Us Reading Groups especially for mothers.
  • Order discount copies (50% off!) the award-winning book Becoming Us, which you can then on-sell to your clients (great if you run groups!)
  • Access our private online community of Village Elders for inspiration, ideas and support for your work.
  • Get individual mentoring if you need it along the way.
  • Access a growing library of marketing resources.
  • Have a badge for your website.
  • Be listed in our world-wide Facilitator directory.

    Please note: Facilitator Certification is an additional cost. For more information please see below.

"I just finished a session with parents of a two-week-old baby. There were tears of relief and they both asked to return next week. Thank you for this wonderful training !"

Carol Peat, Counselor, Lactation Educator and Doula, London, Ontario, Canada

"Can you say a training is beautiful? Because this training is beautiful!"

Diane Speier PhD., Birth Professional and Psychotherapist, Manchester, UK

Elly Taylor
Elly Taylor
Becoming Us Founder and Parenthood Pioneer

Meet your Guide

Perinatal relationship expert Elly Taylor has combined her knowledge of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy with decades of research, developmental psychology theory and some hard-earned personal wisdom to create Becoming Us, a new approach to parenthood that supports mothers, fathers and partners in every stage of their family life-cycle. 

Elly presents at national and international conferences and Becoming Us has been embraced by leading organisations including, COPE, PSI, ICEA, CAPPA and Lamaze. Elly has served on advisory panels for Monash University, Newcastle University, The Australian Catholic University and is on the advisory board for the International Forum for Wellbeing in Pregnancy. She has been a columnist for Practical Parenting magazine, Resident Counsellor for Daily Life website and is a Perinatal Mental Health advocate.

Elly lives in Sydney with her fire-fighter husband, their three children and a bunch of pets. Her favourite things (family aside) are teaching, travelling and meeting with professionals who do this incredibly meaningful, sometimes challenging, and yet truly beautiful "Becoming Us" work.

We hope you'll join us!

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After Early Bird closes, the program will be at full price of $697 with one, two or three payment options. This course has been valued at three times this price, but we want anyone who works with expecting or new parents and cares enough to do this work to be able to do it, so we have kept the prices down as much as possible.

Registrations close in March, so join ASAP to reserve your spot (and also to take advantage of the savings!). All prices are in U.S. Dollars.

PLEASE NOTE: this training is not for everyone. We will do some deep dives. While it’s not required, you will be invited to reflect on your own parenthood journey so far, as both you and your clients will benefit from this personal approach. If you're going through a difficult time, we want you to prioritize your own self-care, and encourage you to do this training at a later time when it's more likely to be personally rewarding for you.

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