Becoming Us™ Perinatal Relationship Training Level I - Become a Professional Seed Grower

Becoming Us™ - Perinatal Relationship Training Level I

Become A Professional Seed Grower

Do MORE of the work you LOVE!

Your next professional journey could begin right here...

Discover a groundbreaking relationship based approach to prenatal preparation and postpartum support - and a theoretical and practical professional training that empowers you with knowledge, tools, resources AND community. 

Make an even greater difference for the families you serve and support.

Is this you?

  1. You know from personal experience that new parenthood is challenging, so you want to do something to help parents, but what?

  2. You know things need to change. New parents need more preparation and support. You want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

  3. You want more than the 'how to's', you want the 'what's' and the 'why's' as well. You want the big picture and to understand the different parts of the puzzle.

  4. You're curious to know why parenthood is easier for some parents than for others and if there's a way to help all of them.

  5. You may know about the high rates of perinatal anxiety, depression and relationship distress. You want to focus on prevention to make a real and lasting difference for families.

  6. You want to work in an evidence based way - and know that what you’re doing is also backed by research. 

  7. You want to work holistically, not just medically. You want to know more about mental, emotional and relationship wellbeing.

  8. You want to work according to best practice guidelines and be ahead of the curve.

  9. You want to provide the best outcomes for mothers and babies - and for fathers and partners too.

    Chances are, you've wanted to do more to help whole families, but haven't known the best place to start...right?

    You’re not alone! And we're here for you! The Becoming Us Level I Professional Training digs deep into parenthood to explore the factors that can make the difference between parents coping, couples growing and families thriving.

    You'll discover:

    1. The 12 transitions of new parenthood
    You'll be able to break this stressful, overwhelming and chaotic time down into 12 different transtions that mothers, fathers, partners and families will need to navigate.

    2. The art and science of seed planting
    You'll learn the two MAJOR discoveries about how people work that can make all the difference for how YOU work with parents - AND all the difference for families going forward.

    3. Simple but powerful seeds 
    You'll be able to combine your new learning with YOUR unique knowledge of YOUR clients in YOUR role to plant specific seeds which support the mental, emotional and relationship wellbeing of the parents in your care.


    4. The 3 main stages of long-term relationships
    We call them Coming Together, Growing Apart and Growing Together. You'll learn how parenthood impacts on each stage and have a handout to use with clients.

    5. The personal stages of "becoming me" 
    Parents go (and grow) through 8 stages as they become adults. You'll find out how each stage plays out through parenthood.

    6. The single, biggest life lesson you may ever learn
    How your emotions work and the difference this can make for you and for your work with clients. You'll have a relationship changing exercise and a handout for this too.

    7. Guidelines and steps for intimate communication 
    Learn how differences can bring couples closer. You'll have handouts for this too.


    8. An introduction to Perinatal Mental Health 
    This is according to best practice guidelines from ACOG, the World Psychiatric Society and COPE in Australia. Be empowered to support parents with this vital information.

    Become a Professional Seed Grower.

Start a new adventure and help families to thrive.


Can you say that a training is beautiful? Because this training is beautiful!

Dr Diane Speier, Birth Professional and Psychotherapist, Cheshire, UK

Elly Taylor
Elly Taylor
Author and Founder of Becoming Us

Meet Your Guide

Perinatal relationship expert Elly Taylor has combined her experience as an Emotionally Focused Relationship Counsellor with decades of research and some hard-earned personal wisdom to create Becoming Us, a new approach to parenthood. Becoming Us is a theoretical and practical framework that supports the mental, emotional and relationship wellbeing of mothers, fathers and familes as they grow. 

Elly has served on advisory panels for Monash University, Newcastle University and The Australian Catholic University and is currently on the advisory board for the International Forum for Wellbeing in Pregnancy. 

Elly lives in Sydney with her firefighter husband, their three children and a bunch of pets. Her favourite things, aside from her family, are teaching, travelling (when she can) and meeting professionals who do this incredibly meaningful, sometimes challenging, and yet truly beautiful "Becoming Us" work.

This is a gigantic missing piece of the big picture. This knowledge really adds depth and a new dimension, opening up all kinds of possibilities for educating and supporting couples so they get the best possible start together.

Sally Placksin, Author, Mothering the New Mother, NYC

I love this course, it's really rich. So many ways birth workers can help couples before they become parents!

Barb Suarez, Childbirth Educator, Legacy Hospital, Portland, OR

What do I get when I enrol in Level I?

  • Four sessions of research and evidence based information.
  • Videos, reading and self-reflection questions.
  • Special exercises to ground your learning.
  • Handouts you can use from day 1 with your clients.
  • Completion Certificate for 6 hours of CPD.
  • Access to our Becoming Us training facebook group for ongoing support.

You'll have knowledge, skills, resources and support to BE THE CHANGE that expecting and new parents need.

Payment options:

Becoming Us™ Perinatal Relationship Training Level I - Become a Professional Seed Grower
2 x $105
Becoming Us™ Perinatal Relationship Training Level I - Become a Professional Seed Grower