Becoming Us™ Level I - Become a Professional Seed Planter

Becoming Us™ - Level I

Become A Professional Seed Planter

Discover something that only takes a minute or two for you - but can make a lifetime of difference for families.

Babies are adorable but along with the abundant joys, the truth is the transition into parenthood also brings some big changes, new stresses and unexpected challenges for couples to deal with. In fact, according to research, 92% of new parents report more disagreements and 67% have less relationship satisfaction in their first few years of family. One in 3 mothers and 1 in 5 fathers report symptoms of Perinatal Mental Health Conditions.

And yet, much of this is preventable

And also much easier than you might think!

You can help couples grow the family of their dreams -by planting the right seeds.

Welcome to Becoming Us™

Becoming Us™ is a world-first evidence-based model of the transition into parenthood created by Australian transition into parenthood expert Elly Taylor.

Becoming Us prepares couples to navigate and overcome the most common parenthood challenges and reduces the risk factors which can contribute to postpartum relationship distress, Perinatal Mood Disorders and Birth Trauma.

Becoming Us supports the holistic well being  of mamas, papas, partners and families, grounding couples and growing them even closer through the wonders of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. 

What is the Becoming Us™ Level I training?

Level I - Tilling the Soil and Planting the Seeds, is our foundation skills course. Level I is designed as a stand-alone course for ANY professional who works with clients during pre-conception, pregnancy or birth. 

Level I provides you with:

  1. Clarity around what the transition into parenthood actually means for mothers, fathers, partners and families.

  2. Insight into why the transition is more challenging for some parents than for others.

  3. An understanding of Perinatal Mental Health issues that affect both mothers and fathers and ways to minimize some of the risks for both parents.

  4. How to plant powerful seeds for change: which seeds to plant and when. You'll know exactly how you are making a positive difference for your clients!

  5. Handouts and practical resources you can use from day one.

Enrol in Level I at any time, all year round. 

Level I is also an introduction to Level II and Level III of the Becoming Us Professional Development Training program for Birth, Health, Mental Health and other helping professionals who wish to provide preparation, guidance and support for beyond birth and into early parenthood. 

Can you say that a training is beautiful? Because this training is beautiful!

Dr Diane Speier, Birth Professional and Psychotherapist, Cheshire, UK

Elly Taylor
Elly Taylor
Becoming Us Founder and Parenthood Pioneer

Meet Your Guide

Perinatal relationship expert Elly Taylor has combined her knowledge of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy with decades of research, developmental psychology theory and some hard-earned personal wisdom to create Becoming Us, a new approach to parenthood that supports mothers, fathers and partners in every stage of their family life-cycle. 

Elly presents at national and international conferences and Becoming Us has been embraced by leading organisations including, COPE, PSI, ICEA, CAPPA and Lamaze. Elly has served on advisory panels for Monash University, Newcastle University, The Australian Catholic University and is on the advisory board for the International Forum for Wellbeing in Pregnancy. She has been a columnist for Practical Parenting magazine, Resident Counsellor for Daily Life website and is a Perinatal Mental Health advocate.

Elly lives in Sydney with her fire-fighter husband, their three children and a bunch of pets. Her favourite things (family aside) are teaching, travelling and meeting with professionals who do this incredibly meaningful, sometimes challenging, and yet truly beautiful "Becoming Us" work.

We hope you'll join us!

This is a gigantic missing piece of the big picture. This knowledge really adds depth and a new dimension, opening up all kinds of possibilities for educating and supporting couples so they get the best possible start together.

Sally Placksin, Author, Mothering the New Mother, NYC, New York

I love this course, it's really rich. So many ways birth workers can help couples before they become parents!

Barb Suarez, Childbirth Educator, Legacy Hospital, Portland, Oregon

What do I get when I enrol in Level I?

  • Four sessions of research and evidence based information.
  • Videos, reading and self-reflection questions.
  • Special exercises to ground your learning.
  • Handouts you can use from day 1 with your clients.
  • 6 hours of Continuing Professional Development Points.

You'll have the knowledge, skills and resources to fill a huge gap in most couple's preparation for parenthood.

Payment options:

Becoming Us™ Level I - Become a Professional Seed Planter
2 x $79
Becoming Us™ Level I - Become a Professional Seed Planter

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