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Discover a new approach to parenthood - and possibly the most rewarding work you'll ever do

Do you believe expecting and new parents need more preparation and support for the disorienting life changes and unexpected relationship challenges that come with new parenthood?

Would you like to be able to prepare and support parents through the perinatal period in ways that protect the mental, emotional and relationship wellbeing of their whole family?

Are you ready for a comprehensive theoretical and practical parenthood preparation,  perinatal mental health and relationship training that empowers you with knowledge, steps, tools and community?

Big Journeys Start with Small Steps

Help parents to find their feet and find their way. Learn how to guide families to thrive. Have the satisfaction of knowing how you are making a difference.

What you'll discover:

  • Cutting edge education

    Learn a ground-breaking relationship-developmental approach to parenthood and fill a gap that currently exists in parenthood preparation and postpartum support.

  • A trail map

    To lay out the parenthood journey, provide anticipatory guidance to steer around the risks, a compass to help parents find their way and the steps to get them back on track.

  • A unique toolbox

    Handouts and resources to prepare & support parents for the normal and common life changes and relationship challenges of parenthood - even if you're short on time.

  • Father inclusiveness

    Gain confidence in engaging fathers and increase capacity to address and work with dad specific hopes, concerns and needs, even if they're not in the room.

  • Support secure attachment

    Strengthen parents' relationship with themselves, their partner, their baby, grandparents, family, friends and community. This work is couple, parent and infant "whole family" bonding.

  • Insight and perspective

    Look through a couple-lens and have the satisfaction of knowing that this work supports both parents and their baby, both in the short-term and well into their future.

  • Reduce risks and fallout

    For perinatal trauma, loss and grief, common perinatal mental health conditions for mothers, fathers and parents, and relationship problems including abuse, addictions and infidelity.

  • Personal and Professional growth

    You may want to reflect on your own parenthood journey and find opportunities for further healing. However, some degree of readyness needs to be done before undertaking this training.

  • Connection

    With a group of dedicated and passionate professionals and opportunities to build referral pathways and community in your area so your local families can cope, grow and thrive.

This is a gigantic missing piece of the puzzle. Becoming Us is a game-changer for parents and professionals.

Sally Placksin, Author of Mothering the New Mother, NYC

This training has given me such a fresh perspective, renewed energy and enthusiasm. I now have a deeper, richer knowledge of what the adjustment to parenthood truly is, what my role can be and offer genuine and helpful support to the parents I work with.

Ariadne Brill, Parent Educator and Coach, Switzerland

I know that changes to their relationship is parents' biggest challenge, and yet the most helpful in navigating all the others: if the couple is working well together everything else can get sorted. Before now I haven't known a way to help couples through this. Evidence-based, thought provoking and practical, after this training my work has so much more depth and power to make a difference for new families.

Tracey Anderson Askew, Founder, Calmbirth Canberra, ACT


The Becoming Us story

With the birth of her first child around 25 years ago, relationship counsellor Elly Taylor was shocked to discover a huge gap in antenatal education and preparation: parents are being blindsided by the normal and common life changes and relationship challenges that come with parenthood. And for many families this can lead to further problems.

Through working intimately with thousands of mothers, fathers and partners since then, Elly was able to create Becoming Us, a groundbreaking 8 stage relationship-developmental approach to pregnancy and those crucial foundational first years of family.

Becoming Us takes a relationship based approach to parenthood to support the mental, emotional and relationship wellbeing of the whole family and provide parents with a pathway for coping, growing and thriving. 

We hope you’ll join us to fill the gap for our next generation of parents. This work has never been more needed than now!

"At first my work was greatly focused on mom, but now I'm able to work with both parents. After many solo sessions with one of my clients, her husband joined her. She was worried he wouldn't want to participate, but I was able to answer his questions and provide support to both of them. He really appreciated it. We actually ran out of time, so they made another appointment!"

Enjonae Anderson, Licensed Professional Counselor, 
High Point, North Carolina

"One of THE most empowering experiences I've had in my many years of continuing education and professional development."

Erika Stroh, Parenting Coach, Long Island, NY.

"I'm really enjoying the clarity of this course. It's given me the steps needed for smooth navigation through the monumental shifts and resetting that's thrown upon parents. 

There's nothing more important to me than a loving foundation for children. The training helps me share important perspectives for growing families and how to move through challenges into a beautiful life."

Brett Darnesh, Parenting and Relationship Coach,
Coffs Harbour, Australia

Becoming Us supports:

  • Antenatal and birth professionals: childbirth educator, midwife, OB/GYN or doula. You are in a position to make the biggest difference in prevention.

  • Postnatal/Postpartum and infant care professionals: pediatrician, child and family health nurse, health visitor, postpartum doula, lactation consultant, sleep consultant. You can make the biggest difference in prevention and early intervention.

  • Perinatal mental health or therapy professionals: perinatal psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist, LMFT, social worker or counsellor.

  • Perinatal health or natural therapies professionals: physiotherapist, prenatal yoga teacher or pregnancy massage therapist.

  • Educational professionals: early childhood teacher, parenting, relationship or life coach.

  • Community leaders: manager with an employer of choice, service organisation or spiritual leader.

Here's what we'll cover: 

Level I - Perinatal Relationship Foundations:

Three main relationship stages of parenthood
Bonding and attachment (babies, adults and couples)
Twelve transitions of parenthood
The many benefits of a "whole family" approach
Using anticipatory guidance to plant powerful prevention seeds
An introduction to perinatal mental health conditions

Level II - A Perinatal Relationship Framework:TourGuide.jpg

1. Preparing for life as a new family
2. Postpartum nesting, resting and whole family bonding
3. Adjusting expectations of life, self, partner, baby and others
4. Setting up base camp - supporting self, couple and family wellbeing
5. Embracing the emotions of pregnancy and early parenthood

6. Supporting parents' sense of identity and self-esteem
7. Managing communication and conflict to bring couples closer

8. Bonding couples through layers of  intimacy

Level III - Extra Support for the Extra Hard Stuff:

Minimising risks for intimate partner abuse, addictions and infidelity
Growing through perinatal mental health issues, trauma, loss and grief 

Reflecting on your own journey through the Becoming Us training
Celebrating what you bring to your important role

We'll support you with:

  • Handouts and resources that you can use with your clients from Day 1.

  • Fourteen webinar sessions delivered to your inbox. Watch weekly, take a break or binge watch, it's up to you!

  • Access to our private facebook group so you can share challenges, ask questions and find support.

  • Live zoom discussion calls so you can get to know your local and international community of colleagues.

  • Forever access to it all.

"I originally signed up for the training because I know expectant parents are hungry for information that goes beyond "getting the baby out" and I found the training incredibly valuable for this. Now that I'm running the Becoming Us classes for parents I get to see even more how my knowledge is making a difference.  I ran into one momma recently, a few months after they'd done my class. When I asked how she and her husband were doing she teared up and said "Really, really have no idea how much you changed our lives!" I love doing this work!"

Barb Buckner Suarez, Childbirth Educator, Portland, Oregon

"I just finished a session with parents of a two-week-old baby. There were tears of relief and they both asked to return next week. Thank you for this wonderful training !"

Carol Peat, Counselor, Lactation Educator and Doula, London, Ontario, Canada

"Can you say a training is beautiful? Because this training is beautiful!"

Diane Speier PhD., Birth Professional and Psychotherapist, Manchester, UK

Want to hear some more love from our students?

PLEASE NOTE: This course has been valued at over three times the price. However, we want anyone who works with expecting or new parents to have this information, so we have kept the investment price down and provide options . Please be aware that prices are in U.S. Dollars.


A FINAL CONSIDERATION: We will do some deep dives in this training. While it’s not required, you will be invited to reflect on your own parenthood journey, as both you and your clients will benefit from this. If you are going through a difficult time, please prioritize your own self-care before undertaking this training.

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  • 2 x $475US

    2 x $475USBecoming Us™ Perinatal Relationships and Mental Health (PRaM) Levels I, II and III

    2 x $475
  • 3 x $316US

    3 x $316USBecoming Us™ Perinatal Relationships and Mental Health (PRaM) Levels I, II and III

    3 x $316

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How can I use this training?

    This training supports your knowledge, capacity and confidence to work with individual clients and/or couples in a deeply meaningful and holistic way. If you love this work and groupwork is your thing, you can even run courses for expecting and new parents. We have a full curriculum and mentoring program for this.

  • How long do I have access to the information for?

    Forever! We want you to be supported long after you’ve finished your training.

  • Can I log in to the sessions on my own schedule?

    Yes. Sessions are sent to you weekly and you can choose to watch the videos as they arrive in your inbox, or you can get comfy on the couch, log in and binge watch Netflix style. If life gets in the way (we have a few folk with new babies!), you can just pause for as long as needed. We're here to welcome you back when you're ready.

  • I see parents with children of all ages. Is the Becoming Us approach relevant for clients with older children?

    Yes - and this was surprising for us. The Becoming Us™ model was originally designed to be used by professionals working with clients during pregnancy and in the first few years of family. But then we started getting feedback from therapists who were successfully using the approach with parents of older children. Using the Becoming Us stages with parents to look back at their parenthood journey seems to be reducing mutual blame and resentment and using the Becoming Us skills and steps helps partners to move forward together.

  • I've done relationship training before, what’s different about Becoming Us?

    As well as the awareness and skills we've been told are different from anything else on offer, Becoming Us is unique because of three main things: 1. We break down the “transition” into parenthood into multiple transitionS so expectant parents can know exactly what to prepare for. 2. The Becoming Us model helps parents navigate ALL the transitions. Each of the 8 stages in Becoming Us are both evidence based and supported by research. Each stage (from pre-conception or pregnancy through the first few years of family) addresses the most important aspects of mental, emotional and relationship wellbeing that are crucial at that time. Each stage builds on the stage before and prepares parents for the next stage. This provides parents (and professionals!) with a trail map that builds both individual capacity and couple connection as parents travel along it. 3. In Level II we cover how to use the Becoming Us model to reduce risks for perinatal mental health issues and relationship distress.

  • What are the Becoming Us courses for parents?

    We currently have three courses for parents: 1. A single Becoming Us session which can be delivered as a stand alone or added to existing antenatal classes, 2. The Becoming Us Before Baby 5 session course for expectant parents and 3. The Becoming Us After Baby course for parents of infants and toddlers. Created by an Emotionally Focused Therapist, these courses contain unique content and processes to support whole family bonding.

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