Becoming Us is a holistic family-centred approach to pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Prepare mothers, fathers and parents to grow as individuals, grow closer as partners and thrive as a new family.

Do you think expecting parents need more preparation for the sudden life changes and new relationship challenges that come with parenthood?

Do you believe new parents need to know how to cope with the stresses of early parenthood and ways to support their partner to cope too?

Do you want powerful tools in your toolbox that only take minutes for you but can last a lifetime for your clients?

Through this training, you'll discover

  • 12 Transitions of Parenthood

    You'll be able to break down this overwhelming and chaotic time into different transitions that mothers, fathers, parents and partners need to navigate as a team.

  • The Personal Stages of "Becoming Me"

    Parents go (and grow) through 8 stages as they become adults. Find out how each stage plays out through parenthood and why it's more challenging for some parents.

  • The Science of Learning

    Discover two major findings about the perinatal brain that can make all the difference to how you work with parents - AND all the difference for families.

  • A Simple Relationship Model

    Have a simple but powerful model that describes perinatal relationship changes and an insightful and practical handout to use with clients. This is one of our most popular resources.

  • A Single, Big, Life Lesson.

    Knowing how emotions work can make all the difference in how you work with clients. You'll have a relationship-changing exercise and a handout for this too.

  • Intersections with Mental Health

    Learn the many intersections between relationship satisfaction and perinatal mental health. Be empowered to support parents with this targeted information.

  • Intimate Communication Guidelines

    Knowing how to approach differences can help parents to find middle ground, bring couples closer, and lay family foundations. You'll have handouts for this too.

  • The Art of Seed Planting

    Combine your new learning with your unique knowledge of your clients to plant simple but powerful seeds which support coping, growing and thriving for the whole family.

Can you say that a training is beautiful? Because this training is beautiful!

Dr Diane Speier, Birth Professional and Psychotherapist, Cheshire, UK

The Becoming Us Story

Following the birth of her first child around 30 years ago, relationship counsellor Elly Taylor was shocked to discover a deep gap in antenatal preparation: parents were being blindsided by the normal life changes and new relationship challenges that commonly come with parenthood. This gap was negatively impacting the mental health and emotional wellbeing of new mothers, fathers, parents and families.

Through working intimately with parents and partners as a relationship counsellor, Elly was able to create Becoming Us, a groundbreaking relationship-developmental approach to pregnancy, birth and the first crucial years of family.

Becoming Us supports the mental, emotional and relationship wellbeing of mothers, fathers and partners and provides families with a pathway for coping, growing and thriving. 

We hope you’ll join us to fill the gap for our next generation of parents. This work has never been more needed than now!

What you get when you enrol

  • Four sessions of research and evidence based information

  • Optional extra reading, self reflection questions and exercises to ground your learning

  • Handouts to use with your clients from Day 1

  • Completion certificate for 6 hours of CPD

  • Access to our training facebook group for ongoing support

This is a gigantic missing piece of the big picture. This knowledge really adds depth and a new dimension, opening up all kinds of possibilities for educating and supporting couples so they get the best possible start together.

Sally Placksin, Author, Mothering the New Mother, NYC

I love this course, it's really rich. So many ways birth workers can help couples before they become parents!

Barb Suarez, Childbirth Educator, Legacy Hospital, Portland, OR

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